renee reeser


I've got the music in me.

There aren't enough hours in the day. But back in the day when there were, I ran a little music business start up called Alongside my composer/partner musician Mike Zelnick, we put together tracks for animatics and commercials.

I grew up playing viola in the orchestra, tried my hand (or lungs) at woodwinds, but found comfort on the keyboards and a little self-taught guitar.

We still do a a little stock music work and you can find some sounds here. music

Here's a little ditty entitled "Magical Moments" we did for the fine folks at Cesar's dog food, embodying the spirit of the holiday season.

Here's a little filthy, hot roddy rippin' zombie guitar entitiled "WRECK'd" from another one of our projects MZG

And some intergalactic oddness can be found here from DJ Boba and Kush. I cannot confirm nor deny my involvement in DJ Boba and Kush